Ink painter "MUSUI DONO" and His gallery .
What man MUSUI ?
MUSUI DONO and a wife.
In Kobe
MUSUI DOHNO was born in 1944, in Hyogo Prefecture,Japan.He received a degree of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 1967 from Osaka Institute of Technology University.In the same year he entered Glory Ltd. as a banking system developer and business planner.In 1987, he lost the sight of his right eye from overwork, and was saved under the Dr.Miki-method of medical treatment from sudden death.For the period of recuperation, he stated to learn “Suibokuga” by himself , a Japanese traditional drawing in Indian ink.In 1992, his data communication project was cancelled.Being stunned by the cancellation, he started on an aimless journey.Then his friend Mr.Susumu Abe, a famous commentator of education, encouraged him to resume drawing.In 1994, he held the first exhibition of his works in Osaka, Japan.Two years later, he resigned his position and devoted himself to drawing.His art gallery named “MUSUIAN” was built in 1997.From 1998, he often visits to primary schools and welfare facilities with Mr.Susumu Abe and spends pleasant time with children.These visitings are called “Together trip of HIPPO and MUSUI”.(Mr.Abe is nicknamed “HIPPO”.)In 1998, MUSUI DOHNO appered serially in The Nihon Keizai Shinbun, a well-known japanese newspaper.In 1999,his works were donated to the Germany Government in support of the 250th anniversary of Goethe's birth.In 2000, “The works of MUSUI, vol.3” was published and home page of MUSUI was opened on the Internet.A sake brewery near his hometown places the MUSUI-brand sake on the market.Untill now, his exhibitions were hold 70 times in all over Japan.

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